What Others Are Saying

“… able to guide the process so that at the end of it a fully functioning decision-making board was established to serve the interests of the shareholder.”  Bryan Pinney — Vice Chair, Deloitte (retired)

“Strategically, Scott has moved us/me to the next level. The greatest compliment I could give anyone is to say that I have peace of mind. Scott gave me that.”  Jay Westman — Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jayman Built Ltd.

“…has the ability to see the challenges and opportunities, providing solutions into how best to move forward.” Larry Noer — Executive Vice President, Jayman Built Ltd.

“… excelled at high level strategic thinking, he also made it a point to understand the details and nuances of every financing and the impact on the company as a whole.”  Derek Squirell — Executive Vice President, Jayman Built Ltd.  (retired)