Meet Scott


As a chartered professional accountant for over 30 years my career has been shaped by those I admire.

MY PASSION:  Unleashing Value

Being around someone who is passionate about life is contagious.  Owners of private companies are passionate about what they have built.  What I am passionate about is unleashing the value in private companies. Simply put that means, “understanding how the owner thinks and where they want to take the business”.  Achieving this, is the value I bring. 


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, the rural nature of the province I grew up in has had a profound impact on who I am today.   As a teenager, I worked on my uncle’s farm.   Over those four summers, my uncle taught me two valuable lessons: the importance of always seeing a challenge in one’s work; and finding everything needed in the resources around you.


I credit my mother with showing me the value of working hard, developing a strong work ethic and helping others along the way.  She worked in an accounting office and when it came to helping co-workers, she was always willing to provide extra effort.


I am grateful to my father, who taught me to dream big and to be tenacious in pursuing my dreams.  Dad was a closet entrepreneur.   He had numerous small businesses over the years, including a golf club making business (his desire being to improve his game!).


Early in my life, I experienced the value of team work.  Study groups supported me in completing my business degree and achieving my professional accounting designation.


Throughout my life I have come to believe that charity starts with those closest to us and spreads from there.  I have sought to give back to my community and have been fortunate to have worked in companies that believed in giving back.  They did this through programs encouraging employees to volunteer. Some of the causes closest to my heart included raising money to help co-workers who needed a little financial assistance, contributing to help families in need with sporting equipment for their children and donating my time in an initiative to solve homelessness.


Early in my career I was encouraged to overcome my fear of public speaking and enrolled in a public speaking class taught by volunteers;  after which I was fortunate to spend seven years as an instructor giving back to help others overcome their own fear of public speaking.


It was at the University of Regina, while completing my Bachelor of Administration, that my passion for business ignited. My major influence was a professor who taught how valuable the “right financial information” was to exceptional decision making.  Learning this, was a defining career moment.


For over 25 years, I have had the good fortune of working in several different and diverse industries while being part of some highly successful companies.  From grocery to sporting goods/brand development to residential real estate/land development, the influential commonality in each is the profound sense of business integrity and philanthropic giving amongst those who led these companies.


My passion, experience and preference is working with owners of private companies. In my most recent position, the most significant part of my role included working closely with the owner in preparing him in his role as the Chief Executive Officer while reporting to his Board of Directors.  Through this experience, I furthered my understanding of what owners want from their Board of Directors and vice versa, what the Board expects from their Chief Executive Officer.

“It is less about what I say and more about what I do.”




Integrity is something you earn through how others experience you.


I do what I say and say what I do. To really see what someone believes, simply watch where they put their feet.


Treat others with kindness, respect, and dignity. It is one thing to lead, but it is another thing entirely if others are willing to follow.


Be part of the solution. Recognizing the problem is only the first step. Being part of the solution sets us apart.


To listen well and seek to understand takes all of our five senses and attention.


Start, work, and end well. Honour the beginning, middle and ending are all of equal importance.

Strong Work Ethic

The world owes me nothing. I believe in putting in the time and effort.