Working with Families

“The decision in front of us, requires the best of us.”

Family Office ServicesWhat does “Working with Families” Mean?

The phrase “Family Office” is a misused and misunderstood term.  The difference and experience I bring is I “work with families” to clarify and understand what the family wants, then put a plan in place to execute their goals.  What each family wants to accomplish is different. There is no one size fits all solution.

Family Office Services Insight

To maximize value, there comes a time when the management of the Family Office must be separated from the operation of the business.

As the Founder and Business Owner Do You….

  • what do you want as a family with your business?
  • find the family gets placed on the back burner as your Chief Financial Officer gets busy with operations?
  • wonder what your burn rate is?
  • question how the ‘old families’ managed to transfer generational wealth?
  • wonder who is managing your investment/insurance advisors responsible for your non-business assets?
  • make investment decisions based on the flavour of the day or the latest investment tip?

If you answered yes to any of the above, contact me to learn how I can support you in finding answers and solutions.


Led and Developed

While working with the founder of a prominent family, I had the opportunity to develop and then lead their Family Office from inception to a fully contributing Family Office.

Regular Family Meetings

The family’s needs changed and developed over time. Through regular family meetings and communication, sought to meet those needs.

Define What is Required

Along with the founder, defined what was required of his Family Office. This continued to evolve as he became aware of what a Family Office could offer.

Assess Investment Opportunities

Assisted the family in developing investment and risk criteria by which to assess opportunities.

 Limited Success

The potential success of a Family Office is limited if the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for both the business operations and managing the Family Office.  These responsibilities require two separate agendas, the family’s agenda must be forefront and separate from the business operations.

Quarterly Reporting

Developed quarterly reporting of personal assets, investments and spending to assist the family.

Budgeting Support

As a trusted advisor, assisted in educating different family members in budgeting and in evaluating new business opportunities.