So What Happens Next?

Thank you for connecting to my contact page.  Please find outlined below my three phase process that supports us in discovering how I may be of service to you.

Phase One

We will spend two to four hours discussing what area of solutions may be of value to you. At the end of Phase One we will know if we are a professional fit and ready to move forward to Phase Two.

Phase Two

We will spend two to four hours understanding your organization, financials and structure.  This process may require access to organization charts, legal entity structures, financial statements, board mandates, etc.

Phase Three

Together we will assess what we have learned in the previous phases and together we will decide how I can assist you.


For the above phases an hourly fee plus expenses is charged.  Please note any amount  paid related to the above process would be credited to your account if we move forward.  Moving forward a daily fee plus expenses will be charged.

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