Business Transitions

“If you are not looking to the future, who is?”

Business TransitionWhat is a Business Transition?

A Business Transition is when you want to step back or out of your business, need to transition your executive team or change your strategy. 

Business Transition Insight

To plan for transition, requires someone to be looking to the future.   

As the Owner Are You….

  • questioning whether your executive team can take the business forward?
  • relying on your business to fund your retirement? What is your plan?
  • concerned whether your business is still relevant?
  • questioning whether your children are going to be able to operate the business?
  • concerned whether your investment advisors are representing your best interest?

If you answered yes to any of these, contact me to learn how I can support you in your business transition.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Throughout my career, I have analyzed the acquisition of numerous companies and through this experience, have come to know what buyers are looking for and can position a company for sale.

Estate Planning

Led the development of estate plans to articulate the owner’s wishes, protect assets and fund the tax burden through a current Last Will and Testament.

Long term Planning

Through a team of advisors, developed and enacted a plan to position the business to transition to the next generation.  The plan included establishing a Board of Directors, managing the managers, establishing a trust to protect the business in the future and dealing with the tax burden.

Executive Transitions

Assisted the owner in defining what he wanted in an ideal candidate and worked closely with the recruiting agency to find the best candidate.


Executed the strategic refocusing of the business to be on product differentiation and customer experience.

investment Strategy

Lead the development of a strategy to diversify investments and ensure future land supply for the business.