Scott Weiler

My Passion 

I am passionate about working with business owners to unleash the value within their businesses.  I have been able to do this by refocusing the business on how to differentiate their products or services; choosing an advisory board or board of directors focused on training the next generation on how to successfully operate the business; and guiding lenders to align with the business financing needs.

My Roots Define Me

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, the rural nature of the Province I grew up in has had a profound impact on who I am today.   As a teenager, I worked on my uncle’s farm.   Over those four summers, my uncle taught me two valuable lessons: the importance of always seeing a challenge in one’s work; and finding everything needed in the resources around you .
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“Are you able to read the winds of change?”


Every business requires a trusted advisor with a solid financial and executive background who objectively supports, without bias, the best interests of the owner, and Chief Executive Officer.

Business Advisor and
Contract Executive

Act as an advisor or Contract Executive (either as a Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer) to private companies. Learn More

“The track we are on, may not be the track we stay on.”


When a transition is required, the time is now.  Some transitions you can plan, most you can not.


Work with owners of private companies to develop critical transition plans whether that be to exit the business (sell to a third party, management buyout, transition to next generation), executive transitions or a change in strategic direction. Learn More

“Way-finding is a blend of experience and looking to the future.”


Directors on private boards are there to maximize shareholder value while balancing governance, risk, and business operations. The unique blend will be different for each company and owner. 

Board Member — Private Company 

Provide guidance to a private company as a working member of their board of directors. Learn More

“Insight comes from knowing the way.”


To maximize value to a family, the advisors must understand the expectations of each member of the family.

Working with Families

Experienced at working with families as they decide what to do with the operating business and selecting the best team of advisors. Learn More